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Inge-Lise Goss, Author

The Institute’s inhumane acts continue.

More people die.

Rebels are blamed.

Paislee’s determination to wipe out The Institute is fiercer than ever. To help the rebels, she agrees to marry Pellegrin, the human-looking android head of The Institute’s west coast operations. Paislee exploits her access to Pellegrin by gathering confidential information hidden in his office.

Only the rebel leader and a few trusted members know Paislee is still a rebel. Her secret puts her in constant danger of being kidnapped by rebel squads or unmasked as a rebel by The Institute’s spies who have infiltrated the rebel ranks.

Uncertain of Paislee’s commitment to him, Pellegrin devises a series of tests she must undergo to prove her allegiance, tests that pit her life against those of captured rebels.

Can the rebels bring down The Institute or will humans be forever enslaved by androids?

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No Surrender

NO SURRENDER: An A.I. Thriller

3rd book in the No Freedom trilogy