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Inge-Lise Goss, Author

Tegen Alliance

Revenge Unites While Death Lurks

Sara continues her goal to eliminate organized crime families, especially those with a link to Conner Crussett, her lover who is a crime boss. In the past, he’s found Sara’s efforts to harm his illegal business an amusing game between them that sometimes suits his interests. But this time, he initiates an unsanctioned take-down of a Crussett customer to avenge the murder of three of his men. Conner’s involvement must be kept secret from his family or he will suffer dire consequences.

Once again demonstrating her deftness at disguise, Sara infiltrates the targets ring of thugs, navigating a murky underworld of illicit drug deals, revenge killings, and blackmail.  She flirts with the Crussett customer’s son to gain his trust in an effort to learn hidden details about the business.

When welding torches seem to appear everywhere, Sara worries she could be in mortal danger. Do they know the truth about her?

Will Sara and Conner succeed in destroying the target’s business or has an enemy discovered their plan?

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Tegen Alliance