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Inge-Lise Goss, Author

It [Tegen Alliance] is book 6 in the Tegen series but can easily be read as a stand-alone. The twists and turns in the flawlessly flowing plotline kept me on the edge of my seat." — Frank Mutuma, Readers' Favorite Reviewer★★★★★

 “Author Inge-Lise Goss has crafted an engaging narrative that balances action, suspense, and emotional depth, which explores themes of revenge, loyalty, and the thin line between justice and personal vendetta…I loved the multi-genre approach that encompasses the best of crime fiction, mystery, paranormal, and urban fantasy to produce a really enthralling adventure.”— K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite Reviewer★★★★★

“The prologue set the tone of the story, and Sara took over from the very first chapter. I loved the pace, the action, and the elements of mystery and suspense...I have never followed a series as passionately as I have with this one, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.”—Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer★★★★★

Tegen Alliance



Nate stepped out of his pickup and looked at the man leaning next to the blue Dodge Ram. “Thought you wanted a jump. Your hood’s not even up.”

With a smirk on his face, the guy pulled a bat out from behind him and swung it from side to side.

“What you going to do with that?” Nate stared at the bat clutched in the fist of the man standing in front of him. “Break a kneecap so I won’t squeal to the old man you reneged on a deal?”

“Who’d you tell?”

Nate narrowed his eyes. “About the deal? Didn’t know you planned on cheating me out of ten grand ‘til now.”

“The ten G isn’t the problem. Who’d you tell about the bodies?”

Nate tilted his head. “The two we moved?”

“Yeah. Only hiding two unless you got more yourself.”

“You think I squealed about those cops?” Nate had helped kill one of them and was trying to figure out why his long-time friend could possibly believe he had somehow betrayed him.

“Last night, someone dug up the place where the bodies used to be.”

“We moved those bodies over a month ago. How do you know someone dug last night?”

“Lights spotted through the woods. Checked it out this morning. Saw fresh footprints, car tracks, and raked dirt.”

“Come on, why would I squeal, especially about a place where the bodies would no longer be found? Makes no sense.”

“Besides the old man, only you and me know about them. And it sure as hell wasn’t me that squealed.”

“Well, it sure as hell wasn’t me either. Think someone could’ve seen us move the bodies?”

“Then why dig in an empty grave?”

“I don’t know, looking for evidence that the bodies had once been there? We were careful not to leave anything behind. Has someone been snooping around the new spot?”

“Checked that too. No sign anyone has been there.”

“My neck’s on the hook as much as yours if those bodies are ever located. What could I possibly gain by telling we were involved in killing two cops and burying them?” Nate had intended to sell that information for big bucks to a man he knew wanted dirt on his boss, Milo Findley.

“Money. A barmaid heard you on the phone asking for a Mr. somebody and caught a couple of words—bodies and woods. Who’d you tell?”

Nate remembered making that call in his pickup outside the Night Owl Bar in the middle of the day. He had looked around before punching in the number and didn’t spot anyone within earshot. Was a barmaid hunkering down next to my pickup? Why? Had she been asked to keep an eye on me after that argument in the bar? Maybe he thought I planned to call the old man about being shorted on the hit job. “Don’t have a clue why any barmaid would lie about me like that. Never called anyone about bodies.”

Angry eyes bored into Nate. “Thought we were friends. If you weren’t talking about those two bodies, then what bodies?”

“Really, you’re going to believe a barmaid over me?”

“She’s never lied to me before.”

“And you think I have?”

“Know it. Just last week you said you weren’t feeling well when I wanted your help with a job. An hour later, you showed up at the Night Owl. That wasn’t the first time you lied.” He swung the bat in front of him. “Make it easy on yourself. Just give me the name.”

“You planning on beating me for info, like we’ve done to squealers?”

“Gotta get it somehow.”

In one swift motion, Nate yanked a knife out of his boot. Pointing the blade at his former friend, he said, “Put down the bat or you’ll be the one leaving here needing medical attention and not me.”

The sound of a diesel engine drifted toward them. Headlights lit up the surrounding area.

The man swung the bat and hit a tree. Dead leaves floated through the air. “Reinforcements have arrived. Things could get rough. You still want to keep that name a secret?”

“My sister will hear about this.”

“Ex-wives don’t have much clout. Ex-brothers-in-law have even less.”

Revenge Unites While Death Lurks

Sara continues her goal to eliminate organized crime families, especially those with a link to Conner Crussett, her lover who is a crime boss. In the past, he’s found Sara’s efforts to harm his illegal business an amusing game between them that sometimes suits his interests. But this time, he initiates an unsanctioned take-down of a Crussett customer to avenge the murder of three of his men. Conner’s involvement must be kept secret from his family or he will suffer dire consequences.

Once again demonstrating her deftness at disguise, Sara infiltrates the targets ring of thugs, navigating a murky underworld of illicit drug deals, revenge killings, and blackmail.  She flirts with the Crussett customer’s son to gain his trust in an effort to learn hidden details about the business.

When welding torches seem to appear everywhere, Sara worries she could be in mortal danger. Do they know the truth about her?

Will Sara and Conner succeed in destroying the target’s business or has an enemy discovered their plan?

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Tegen Alliance