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 Taina Long sat outside the Tegen Council chamber, wondering how much longer she’d have to wait for the verdict. She was on trial for aiding and abetting a fugitive, Blake Eisner. During the hearing, Taina had screamed, “Kendall should’ve done his job when Blake was first spotted. Had he arrested him, Blake would still be alive! Kendall’s responsible for Blake’s death as much as Sara!”

Guards quickly escorted Taina out of the chamber before Kendall testified. She believed Kendall would spew lies to protect Sara. How can he be so gullible? Why believe her lies about Blake? Blake would never harm another Tegen. Just because he wasn’t interested in Sara, she’ll do whatever it takes to prove her false allegations.

The door to the chamber swung open and Kendall strode out and headed toward the office without looking at her.

Taina jumped to her feet, hurried after him, and grabbed his arm. “What did you tell them?”

Kendall peered down at her. “You can request a transcript once the case is closed.”

“What’s so special about Sara that makes you think she’s innocent?”

His dark, steely eyes bore into hers. “Taina, are you suggesting that I would lie to the Council about the investigation?”

Taina’s lips slightly trembled. “Well…well…no. Of course, not.”

A black-haired woman approached them. “Miss Long, the Council is ready for you.” She led Taina back to the Council chamber and opened the door for her.

As Taina entered, she gazed at Albert Eisner, a Council member and Blake’s father, and noticed his clenched jaw. Does he disagree with the verdict?

When she reached the podium, Gary Willis, the chief Council member, spoke. “Miss Long, you have been found guilty on two counts.”

Her eyes popped wide open. “Two?”

“Yes. For aiding and abetting a fugitive and for betraying the trust instilled in you as a member of an enforcement team. Miss Long, you took an oath when you voluntarily joined our enforcement efforts. You have received substantial training to make you a valuable member of any enforcement team. Since you performed well on your prior teams and your last case had not been established as a capital offense, you will be given the minimum sentence of six months with the potential for parole after serving two months. You will no longer be able to serve on enforcement teams. Before you are escorted to the brig, do you have any questions you would like to address to the Council?”

“Yes. When will Blake’s termination case be heard, and will I be testifying?”

“That has already been resolved.”

Taina squinted. “How? Sara’s still in the cave.”

“Miss Long, when I asked if you had any questions, it was regarding your sentence. We will not be discussing any other matters with you.”

Her eyes darted to Lance Alston, Sara’s father, and then swept over the other Council members. Through gritted teeth, she yelled. “Blake did nothing wrong. He was innocent. Someone has to pay for killing him!”

Gary Willis gestured toward a guard at the back of the chamber. “Please escort Miss Long to her cell.”

The guard swiftly walked to Taina and took her arm while she screamed. “Someone has to pay! Someone has to pay!” Her last words rang out as she was forcibly removed from the chamber. “Someone will pay!”

Outside the administrative building, Taina spotted Kendall talking to one of her co-workers who had also served on the enforcement team tasked to bring in Blake. She called out, “Hey, Kendall!

He turned and stared at her.

“How did you get your girlfriend off the hook for killing Blake?”

Without responding, Kendall’s attention returned to the team member.

As the guards nudged her toward the brig, Taina thought about how to avenge Blake’s murder. By the time she reached the cell her plan had begun to formulate. Sara will pay. An eye for an eye. A boyfriend for a boyfriend.

“Tegen Abduction by Inge-Lise Goss is a riveting book filled with action and…suspenseful moments that have you hanging onto every page.”

— Miche Arendse, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

 “Enthusiasts of fantasy novels with a touch of a paranormal tale will
find…Tegen Abduction an enthralling read…There is tension, suspense,
adventure, and so much more for readers to enjoy”— Keith Mbuya, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

“Author Inge-Lise Goss really knows how to maintain suspense in her
Storytelling…Tegen Abduction is a thrilling read for one and all,”—K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

Tegen Abduction

When the Predator Becomes the Victim

Sara Jones, dead-set on wiping out organized crime, continues her quest to destroy an illegal drug plant in Albuquerque. But it’s been moved. Worse, a friend’s daughter disappeared along with the plant.

Tracking the new plant owner to Kansas City, Sara infiltrates his inner circle to gain information and uncovers a broader plot of murder and deceit. While attending a social event with a key player, Sara unexpectedly comes face-to-face with Conner Crussett, her crime boss boyfriend. He claims they have the same goal—to destroy the illicit plant. She doubts that’s his honest intention.  

Complicating an already dangerous game, word comes that an imprisoned Tegen, who blames Sara for her boyfriend’s death, has escaped. An enraged Tegen wanting revenge is capable of anything. Can Sara find the missing girl, destroy the illicit business and stop the vindictive Tegen?