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Paislee believes she has purchased the perfect android companion. He fulfills all of her desires. But soon she discovers he’s more than she bargained for and finds her freedom slowly vanishing. Can she escape the hold he has over her? Or is she doomed to do his bidding?

“No Freedom by Inge-Lise Goss is a suspense novel with a splash of something for everyone. It’s fantasy, sci-fi-, dystopian, romance, and mystery all wrapped up into one imaginative, futuristic tale…grabs you from the first paragraph!..The engaging plot, excellent writing style, grammar, and punctuation makes this a five-star read (and higher if I could). This is a future movie!”—Kristy Vee, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

DO NO HARM: 17 Medical Thrillers


"--a modern-day murder mystery, set against the backdrop of a two large-scale oil companies dueling for maximum profits...a page-turning thriller"—The Portsmouth Review

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DO NO HARM is an extraordinary, limited collection of seventeen medical thrillers written by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors.


GOLD Medal Winner: Readers' Favorite

International Book Awards ~ Fiction - Intrigue

The Outstanding Mystery: 2017 IAN Book

of the Year Awards



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Sparking rocks. Family Secrets. Seductive Lies.

Mia's and her brother Andy's planned heist is thwarted as they become hunted. The mark is Mia’s only way to survive. With death threats in the air, can a thief learn to trust? Tests of love, loyalty and betrayal await Mia as she tries to avoid Andy’s stalker, unexpectedly falling for the mark. Is he protecting her or is he the one out to kill her?




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Can humans survive the android uprising?

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Inge-Lise Goss, Author

"...this book is a wild ride of action, adventure and mystery all rolled into one fast-paced story"—Tracy A. Fisher, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer


"This book has non-stop, on the edge of your seat action, and will keep readers obsessively reading from the very first page until the last." --Chris Fischer, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

“Diamonds and Lies is a taut and thrilling look at high stakes burglary and a family secret with deadly repercussion. Goss’s plot is intricate and ingenious, and her characters are well defined and credible, particularly Mia.”—Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

FATAL LIMIT is my book in the medical thriller boxed set.

Hospital affairs turn deadly when an untraceable toxin kills a scorned lover, spurring a private eye to search for a devious killer.

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NO FREEDOM: An A.I. Thriller

“If you love smart female sleuths with a supernatural edge, you’ll enjoy this page-turning story of romance, mystery and the occult.”—Timeless Reviews

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​​“A unique blending of the supernatural with classic mystery/suspense, Compelled by Inge-Lise Goss is an inherently riveting read from cover to cover.” –Midwest Book Review

“Compelled is an excellent mystery-sleuth book with a bit of ghostly intrigue.” —Trudi LoPreto, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

“Goss weaves tantalizing traces of the paranormal throughout this well-told tale as Sidney travels to San Diego and tries to piece together a puzzling and complex crime…" —Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

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Readers' Favorite 2017 International Book Awards Finalist

Fiction ~ Horror

Award Winner ~Halloween Book Festival ~

Honorable Mention ~ Horror

"From its gut-grabbing prologue to its explosive conclusion, Goss's

spine-tingling debut story gives new meaning to the phrase

"A blood-Curdling adventure."  -- Foreword Clarion Review

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